Friday, March 10, 2017

Blog #4

Desperation by Stephen King

Pg. 93

"Well, what?"
"Are you going to take care of it or not? Tak!"
His heart jumped. "Tak, what does that mean?"
"I didn't say tak, you did. You said tak."
The cop crossed his arms and stood smiling at him.
I want out of here, Johnny thought.

I chose this paragraph because it kind of caught my eye on how "sneaky" the cop thought he was on say tak. It made me laugh a little but it was also very serious on how it was all talked and played out. It also interested me because it involved a weird word that no one really uses or maybe not at all. It was confusing at first as to why it was used but later on I figured it was used for commanding someone or something. In the novel, it was used in different situations like, asking a question and they have to answer right away or doing an action for the specific person.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Blog #3

"Desperation" By Stephen King
1. How can the town of Desperation be so empty for so many years?
2. Why is the cop so hard to the people he takes as hostage?
3. Why would the people follow up on what the cop says to them if it's all a lie?
4. Why would people even take the "dead highway" in the first place?
5. Why, after all those yearsof being a dead town, would "Desperation" be with only one neighborhood police officer?